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  Nursery Mixes

Aged Pine Fines Zoom
Aged Pine Fines
Our pine bark fines are consistently effective when used as a potting media and soil conditioner. The composted bark fines provide many nutrient and bacterial benefits. It’s a core ingredient in our Nursery Mix.

Nursery Mix Zoom
Nursery Mix
We manufacture NC State University’s formula using Parker’s composted pine bark fines, sand, lime and micronutrients. This is a general purpose potting mix for one gallon and larger containers.

Custom Mixes Zoom
Custom Mixes
We can custom mix pine bark, sand, peat, perlite, lime, micronutrients, fertilizers, insecticides and more according to your specifications. We offer both continuous and batch mixing abilities and have delivered consistent, custom mixes to some of the largest and smallest nurseries in the country.

Greenhouse Mix Zoom
Greenhouse Mix
Formulated with pine bark fines, peat, perlite, lime and micronutrients to be lighter and hold more water than the Parker’s Nursery Mix, this mix is ideal for plants that require more water.