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  Landscape Mulches

Black Mulch Gold Mulch Red Mulch Chocolate Mulch Zoom
Colored Enhanced Mulch
Our popular colored mulch brings vibrance to your landscape that will last for a year or more. Made from a variety of woods that have been ground, sized and dyed according to our high quality standards.

Shredded Hardwood Mulch Zoom
Shredded Hardwood Mulch
Parker's single, double or triple-shredded mulch is made from various hardwood bark, predominantly oak. The high-binding, shredded fiber offers maximum wind and erosion resistance that is ideal for all areas, including paths, slopes and steep banks.

Pine Bark Mulch Zoom
Pine Bark Mulch
Enhance your plant beds with our triple-shredded pine bark. These quality fines are easy to work with and sized from ½″ and under. This product is ideal for all plants, especially acid loving plants such as azaleas, and can also be used as a soil amendment.

Pine Bark Mini-Chips Pine Bark Nuggets Zoom
Pine Bark Mini-Chips and Nuggets
Uniform ½″ to 1½″ sized mini-chips and 1½″ to 3″ sized nuggets retain less moisture than pine bark mulch, which helps control weed development and maintain soil temperature.

Cypress Mulch Zoom
Cypress Mulch
Our 100% cypress mulch is double-ground from cypress logs, delivers long-lasting golden color and retains less moisture than other mulches.